11 July 2008

The Many Faces of Carnaval San Francisco 2008

More than Sparkles and Feathers

25 May 2008

photo01(My complete set of Carnaval images and a slide show can also be viewed. Click on any image to enlarge.)

The eclectic nature of San Francisco's Carnaval is always alluring. I have seen the parade off and on over the past ten years and always come away more hopeful about the future of our city and the broader culture. It's an organic outpouring of spirit from the local community. Schools, businesses, clubs and groups participate. Generations, gender and cultures blend in the name of dance and celebration. A celebration for the sake of celebration. photo02 photo03

Viewing the parade transports even the most passive observer into the colorful Carnaval world of music, dance and wild costumes. Wandering through the parade participants, I could not help being caught up in their boundless happiness. The event was a photographer's dream. A picture awaited at every turn.

This inclusive celebration left me smiling, and I am grateful to all of those who shared their joy and smiles with me as I wandered through taking photographs. From these select pictures, I hope that you will get an inkling of the spirit that permeates Carnaval San Francisco.


If you or your group are interested in using these images, please contact me at "rgweb 'at' meldedbits.org" (replacing 'at' with @).

(The complete set of images is available as a photo gallery or a slide show.)

The thumbnail images below are a subset of the full collection. Enjoy!

The complete set of Carnaval images and a slide show can also be viewed.

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