21 November 2013

Ira Glass and KALW

My local public radio station, KALW 91.7FM, delivered another opportunity for some event photography at a recent reception for Ira Glass.

During the fall pledge drive, KALW offered supporters a unique opportunity. Ira Glass was bringing a new live performance project to the Nourse Theatre in San Francisco, "Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host: Ira Glass, Monica Bill Barnes, Anna Bass." The project combines the seemingly incongruous art forms of radio and dance. KALW contributors could receive a unique package that included the chance to meet Ira Glass at a special reception and two tickets to the 16 Nov 2013 performance. I photographed the reception event for KALW Local Public Radio.

Ira Glass speaking with KALW supporters.

The team at KALW delivered a relaxed setting for their supporters to meet Ira. The reception struck the perfect balance between elegant and comfortable. The success of the event could be felt in the positive energy surrounding Ira throughout the reception. The photos capture but glimpses of that feeling.

Ira Glass and KALW supporter.

A complete set of images for the event are in my KALW Ira Glass 2013 gallery.

I highly recommend seeing the "Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host" performance if you have the chance. The wit and flare that Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass bring to modern dance complements the verbal storytelling of Ira Glass in compelling ways. The two forms play off each other and occasionally jostle for attention. In the process, each adds depth and dimension to the stories not possible in their separate media. Besides, where else can you go to see Ira Glass bust a few moves?

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